The ‘smart’ phone is more secure now!

Posted date: : January 12, 2013
The ‘smart’ phone is more secure now! Security of Smartphone has improved drastically in recent years. Irrespective of the operating system, most of the Smartphone can now be located with the help of in-built applications. Smartphone these days come with set of handy built-in security tools that can be help the user find them in case of theft or misplacement.

Apple has been a leader in phone security always. Their built-in ‘find my iPhone” helps iPhone, iPad or iPod users to trace the whereabouts of their device. And in case you can not find it, you can always clean it sitting very far from it. The app offers the feature to clean the memory of the phone and display any message on the phone screen for the current user to see.

On similar pattern, Windows phone too have security measures. A window phone will wipe any data on the phone remotely and will send the user a message. But Google has lost the race in providing anti-theft or security resolves. Android phones do not have any such applications, but there no reasons to panic. In android market you will find much third party software that provides similar protection. But the only difference is that in android you have to buy the ‘premium version’ to avail facilities like data wiping and sound alarm. Even telecom companies have set afoot in security market now.