Retrace the caller!

Posted date: : January 12, 2013
Retrace the caller! Recently, US callers have been irritated with increasing number of phone scams, pranks, repeated calls and abuses. Though the data states that most of the phones in US have caller ID installed with them but caller IDs were futile as root identity was still a guess. This caller ID can not trace back the root of the caller and thus scams could not be prevented. The online phone search provider services ‘Phone Detective’ has come up with an option that can help people save this situation.

In the recent service added to its list, the receiver can now retrace the actual caller ID; that means one can see the identity of the phone number which is calling. The registered name comes up within seconds and citizens now have an option of disconnecting the call.

Company has record of more than a billion numbers and one can look-up to the identity irrespective of the location of the person inside U.S. Recent Phone scams have caught ears of many and people were desperate to find any security service. Elderly phone scam has resulted into a loss of 2 billion dollars and was taking a northward trend. The service is likely to break this trend.

The look service comes in both free and premium versions and can be easily registered with the website of Phone Detective.