Finally malaria prone areas have been located in Kenya!

Posted date: : January 12, 2013
Finally malaria prone areas have been located in Kenya! Malaria has been a cause of concern for many countries across the globe. The break bone fever calling disease is vector born and major carriers are mosquitoes. Biologists are of the view that the mosquito which carries malaria virus can not travel to long distance. That hints that major reason for outbreaks and spread of the diseases in the nearby areas is the human commutation.

Humans move from one area to another for the sake of job or relations. If that particular area is malaria hotspot, the visitor will probably be infected with the disease. The person brings back the disease home where it is carried by local mosquitoes.

Since Kenya has been a major sufferer of malaria, researchers thought of figuring the major hot-spots of the region. For this purpose a research was conducted on people of Kenya with the help of their phones. There were unique IDs allotted to people working on the research by the phone company. With the help of the ID they could monitor calls, texts, location and many other data of a number of people. The analysis of data has helped them plot areas from where people were mostly suffering. After a year of research the progress has been commendable and most hot areas related to the diseases have been figured out. This will help government to take preventive measures accordingly.