What is mobile phone tracking? Its features in brief

If you have a mobile phone that is WAP enabled, your mobile phone can be turned into an effective tracking device. With the help of technology you can now track the whereabouts of your phone at all times and anywhere. So long as you get a good signal and your mobile phone is switched on, your phone can be tracked. Mobile phone tracking is useful for both business and personal use. Mobile phone tracking included the following features:

Real time mobile phone tracking: This feature allows tracking of your mobile phone while moving from one place to the other. Businesses make effective use of this feature for delivery of one or more products. On the personal front this service is useful for parents if they want to know the whereabouts about their children. Real time mobile phone tracking enables police and security personnel to track and locate your phone in case it gets lost or stolen. Apart from this, if the WAP enabled mobile phone is kept inside your car, it can be tracked real time easily.
Tracking history: Mobile phone tracking helps to keep a track record of movements while moving from one place to the other. In other words it helps in maintain travel history effectively. It is a useful service for businesses to keep track of their staff, sales personnel and workers on the move. This helps in maintaining travel logs and clearing invoices effectively at the end of the month. Timely proof: Several businesses processes are benefitted from this aspect especially when it comes to evidence of place and time. For example courier and delivery services can now easily prove delivery schedules. Even drivers can now stamp evidence of location, time and route with the help of mobile tracking facilities.

Automated mobile phone tracking: This feature of mobile phone tracking allows you to track your phone’s location at a predefined time slot and preference. You can now set the date, day, time, hours and frequency for tracking your mobile phone. Added to this feature you can also have a return mail sent to you along with the co-ordinates. This feature will be carried out by the WAP enable mobile automatically as per predefined settings and details of tracking endeavor will be sent to you electronically. You don’t have to remember settings, date and preferences. The system will carry out this task for you automatically.

Location description: The facility or service of offering the user relevant information on their locations while on holiday destinations. This is very useful when you find yourself in new and strange locations. Mobile phone tracking provides useful information pertaining to location coordinates. You can now check your coordinates and quickly discover where you are. Thus you will never get lost in the newest or strangest of places.

Online tracking: You also have the facility of tracking your mobile phone over the internet from anywhere and at any time. Be it at home, office or on the move, your WAP enabled mobile phone can be tracked by logging into your account with a valid user name and password. Businesses use this service to ensure their staff personnel provide quality service to customers in terms of timely deliveries and schedules.