Can anyone track my mobile phone?

Today with the help of GPS enabled, you can imagine a world where you can be traced anywhere with the help of your mobile phone. A few years back this would have seemed like an illusion. But now with through GPS technology you can be tracked down with the help of your GPS enabled phone. The illusion tracking your mobile phone has now become a reality. Most of the mobile phones that are being released in the market today are having GPS facility or Global Positioning systems. These systems are capable of indicating the exact location of your whereabouts through your GPS enabled phone.

It is to be noted that the FCC or Federal Communications Commission rules will enable all phones to indication your phone’s location. Now the question that arises is not whether you can be located? More important than this is that how is the information that is obtained through GPS going to be used by those having access to the same.
The Federal Communications Commission wireless rules (911) states that all U.S. mobile phones can have GPS system or any other mobile tracking software and services to enable emergency personnel locate people calling 911 from their mobile phones. Once the system is fully functional and implemented, operators will know the exact latitude and longitude of the location of your phone. This would be helpful in emergency situations in case you need help, but are unable to communicate your whereabouts. Now with the help of this technology, even laptops, desktops, PDAs and Wi-Fi enabled networking devices can be mapped to your phone’s location.

Well, as mentioned above there are several benefits and advantages of GPS technology. It is very useful in times of emergency, if you are travelling to an unknown country or territory or if your phone is lost or stolen. In all these circumstances, your phone can be tracked easily if relevant WAP services are enabled on your phone and your phone is switched on. But as there are benefits of this GPS mobile phone tracking technology, there are disadvantages and dangers as well that you should be aware of. It feels scary to imagine about consequences of misuse and mishandling of personal data and information. If this information and data falls into hands of hackers, spammers, identity thieves etc. consequences of privacy invasion may be dangerous. But, companies who are in the field of GPS technology are taking all relevant security measures to prevent privacy invasion and that personnel data and information remains in safe hands.

Social mapping permits people to make use of their mobile phones, laptops and PCs to transmit their location within a known circle for others to find them. Companies such as Loopt are working on social mapping networks. Loopt works strictly on permission. So, if somebody needs to track you or your phone, you need to enter their phone number for a validation. You can withdraw of suspend access permissions any time. Only known acquaintances may be brought into the location network. If someone misuses this service, electronic services immediately report the misuse and the persons are tracked. Then again as soon as you move to a new location, previous location records and history is deleted to prevent hackers and unauthorized personnel from getting access to the same.