How can I turn on/off my phone tracking?

Today most mobile phone companies are focusing on ‘smart phones’ that have all phone tracking features and services inbuilt within the phone itself. Phone tracking becomes very useful in times of emergency or in case your phone gets lost or stolen. Phone tracking is usually carried out through GPS technology or Global Positioning systems. Some people are of the opinion that these phone tracking systems are enabled by default. This is not true. You have to manually enable phone tracking systems and services on your to make use of the same. This implies that you can actually turn on / off phone tracking systems.

Sometimes, you may not want to be tracked and thus you may desire to remain out of the purview of phone tracking systems. Now the question is – How can you turn off phone tracking? Companies like Google has recently stated that they would provide an ‘opt-out’ tool for those who want omit themselves from Wi-Fi tracking systems. There are chip level solutions as well that allow you to elude yourself from the tracking arena. If you don’t want to be tracked, get qualified and skilled personnel to extract the GPS chip from your phone, since it is through this chip that mobile phone operators and government agencies locate you. Once the GPS chip is removed, tracking your phone will no longer be possible. To enable phone tracking, place the GPS back in your phone and you will be track your mobile phone. Remember, removing or inserting back the GPS chip carelessly may damage your phone. So, ensure only skilled and competent personnel do the operation for you.

Another simple option of turning off phone tracking is by disabling all phone tracking services and software options on your phone. Once GPS settings are deactivated on your phone, tracking will not happen. You may also switch of your phone if you don’t want to be tracked. But that means you would be missing out on important calls and messages. Again, if you want to be tracked then you would need to activate all relevant GPS system settings and preferences on your phone. Once these settings are enabled and your phone is switched on, mobile phone operators and other authorized personnel will be able to track you.

Incase you are using an internet phone based on Android platform, there is a feature installed under ‘Location and security’. Under this option deactivate or disable ‘Use wireless networks’ option. Once this feature is disabled your phone will be removed from Wi-Fi enabled phone tracking networks. If you want turn on phone tracking, you will need to turn on ‘Use wireless networks’ option. Remember Wi-Fi network tracking systems are independent of GPS. This implies that even if your GPS systems settings and services are turned off and the ‘Use wireless networks’ option is enabled, you can still be tracked. Thus to turn of mobile phone tracking ensure GPS and Wi-Fi settings are turned off. To enable tracking of your phone turn on any one of these settings. Turning on both GPS and Wi-Fi will give you a wider spectrum though.