How to track a Samsung mobile phone?

A lost mobile phone may cause you to lose sensitive data and information and the same may fall into unauthorized hands. If you own a Samsung mobile phone and have lost it somehow, then tracking down the phone is very much possible with enhanced security mechanisms and techniques. So, how can a Samsung mobile be tracked down? Or how can you block unauthorized access of data once the phone has slipped out of your hands? Samsung offer a service known as Samsung Dive for locating lost phones. The software allows you to keep control of the phone even if it is not in your possession. Your phone has to be compatible with Samsung Dive though. Some of the services on the platform may differ as per your region and country. The following retrieval and protection mechanisms are offered by Samsung Dive:

You can track the mobile phone’s location
You can remotely block access to your phone and erase data
You can lock your phone through remote access
You may specify settings that will generate automatic messages to existing contacts once your sim card is replaced.