How can I track a cell phone in Indonesia?

Indonesia has become the 21st century mobile store center. People of Indonesia prefer speaking to each other rather than using electronic mail. Mobile phones sell fast and cheap here. Positive government policies, open market pricing and cheap internet facilities attracted many mobile phone companies to set up shop here. Therefore loss of mobile phones are also on the rise. What happens if your mobile phone gets lost or stolen in Indonesia. Is there a way of tracking the phone? Yes, a lost or stolen phone can be tracked and recovered.

You may use a good GPS mobile tracking software that will help you to locate your phone online. Applications such as Google maps are used by many service providers in Indonesia to combat phone theft and identify the location of your phone. You may also make use of the IMEI number of your phone to find its location. The service provider should help out in this regard. Lastly, some softwares are very good in providing location details and is even able to track down the user and target.