How to track your Iphone?

The Iphone is known to be the finest smart phone today. Since people use their Iphones for a variety of purposes there is always a chance of it getting lost or stolen. But there are ways of tracking and retrieving a lost Iphone.
Apple has launched a service “Find my iphone”, which is a part of the “Mobile me” subscription service. This service allows the consumer locate lost or stolen Iphones with the help of GPS remotely. “Find my Iphone” tracks your Iphone using google maps.

You may even send messages even if the phone is locked. The “iLocalis” allows you to track your iphone’s location and control it remotely as well. It is the best remote controlling utility provided by Apple for tracking a lost of stolen iphone. You need to activate the service in your phone. If you lose your phone, login to the apple site with your user id and password and “ilocalis” can help you track your iphone, send messages remotely and control the phone from wherever you are stationed.