How can I track a cell phone in India?

Tracking a cell phone down to its actual location in India is not an easy task. Several tracking services are actually not fully operational and functional in India that makes tracking a cell phone difficult at times. Even reverse lookup services sometimes are not accurate enough in pin pointing the location of a cell phone.

In case your cell phone is lost or stolen, you may track your phone with the help of GPS services that are inbuilt in most of the recently launched cell phones. You must activate these services on your phone though. With the help of these services you may be able to track movements of your phone. There are also one or more tracking softwares and tools available online. You are required to download these softwares and tools and install them in your phone. Once installed, you need register online and once this is complete, you may be able to track your phone in India. You may also take help of the local police in this regard.