How can I track a cell phone in the US?

Tracking a cell phone in the US with the help of websites is very much possible with the help of GPS of Global Positioning System. Tracking a person’s location and whereabouts through a mobile phone is what many companies are doing in the US. It has been observed that almost every call and movement, determining a person’s location is being recorded by mobile company operators. Several of these companies use Google maps for mobiles and several other efficient mobile tracking softwares for tracking phones in the US.

These companies maintain a complete database of information pertaining to mobile phones. You need to register with these companies and they may be able to provide you with a complete history of your phone, i.e. from the day it was stolen till date. With the help of modern technology, internet, mobile tracking software and GPS mobile phone companies can tell the location of your phone at any given instance. The law of the US allows telecommunication companies collect information and data online and use the same for tracking and recovery.